Back2Life 2.9R Recovery

Отзывы пользователей

"Всё прекрасно установилось и работает. Я работаю Системным Администратором и иногда ко мне приходят огорчённые пользователи, что мол стёрл(а) случайно, тот или иной файл... Раньше восстанавливал (если помните DN) в Дос Навигаторе в основном, но это так муторно. :) C Вашей программой всё намного проще и приятней. Более достойной программы такого уровня востановления данных и простоты управления, я найти не смог!
Да, и главное, спасибо за такую демократическую цену."


"Просто хочу сказать спасибо за Back2Life. Судя по всему, сегодня вы спасли мою жизнь:)."

Сергей М.

"Восхищен Вашей утилитой. Нашел столько файлов, которые уже забыл. Восстановил то, что надо. Огромное спасибо. Не жалко 100 руб., готов передать бутылку Коньяку, когда будете в Москве."

Юрий Ж.

"За прогу спасибо огромное, она меня так выручила. Продолжайте в том же духе."

Евгений В.

"Здравствуйте! Получил регистрационный номер для Back2Life, всё нормально, всё работает! Огромное спасибо за Вашу программку! Перепробовал всё, что можно, но помог только Ваш симпатичный мишка- простой, быстрый, эффективный!.. Буду советовать всем!"

Сергей П.

"Ваша программа меня просто спасла. Порядка 500Mb c подкаталогами и вложенными подкаталогами. Она все восстановила. Еще раз Огромное спасибо."

Дмитрий П.

"Все работает, спасибо. Вообще хорошая получилась программка, все просто, изящно и компактно без излишеств."

Владимир Ж.

"It's a great program, thanks very much... It's something I very rarely use... but when I do need it, it's totally invaluable!! Well done and keep up the good work. :-)."

Steve P.

"What is better: Good software with perfect support or perfect software with good support? You know the answer, it's perfect software with perfect support, like your's is!"


"WoW! what a lifesaver this program was (is). I was totally wiped out. My computer crashed - no backup (shame on me) and I had tons of files and data, emails, etc.- that I needed to keep and it was all gone! gone! gone! - until I tried your program from (along with three more expensive ones). The others either didn't work or at least worked poorly and slowly with cryptic titles like OM000123. I ran yours and there they all were - even with the right names!! and that was on the fast scan! I am impressed and grateful!! Thank you for creating this program! Needless to say I bought it!! It is worth the money - even at twice the price."

Larry R.

"Back2Life has saved my life on more than one occasion... It's a great product that does exactly what it says on the tin."

Many thanks, Andy C.

"Just wanted to personally express my gratitude for your great product which restored my lost files (my company is also grateful!!). The files were unreplaceable and your software worked excellently (contrary to the false-advertised software I also just purchased from your competitors). I wish you great success in the near future!!"

regards, David F.

"Thanks a lot for your help. The software has worked as described. I recovered all files deleted. Certainly will advice all my friends about it."

Best regards, Marcio

"...By the way, I meant to mention that I found back2life very well done."

Robert U.

"...I am very pleased with your software product as it worked perfectly to restore a lot of files that 'disappeared' after a failed 'Move' operation."

Regards, Alan M.

"I am evaluating a number of undelete programs at the moment and yours is currently top!"

Cheers, Matthew

"thanx, for the correct way of delivery and the easy product!"

Peet V.

"Thank you for making your program available AND for giving good customer service!"

Joe S.

"I am not a Windows programmer by any stretch of the imagination, but it appears that you are using existing libraries quite effectively, to produce such a nice, small program. Now why can't the rest of the world learn things like that?"

Arnim L.

"Your Program worked perfect - super! It found and restored all the Pictures, I missed. These files were pictures of my child - long years ago - so I could have lost it forever. --- GREAT JOB ---

Ernst K.