Export print image from any Windows application to the graphics file! Store, include into your documents, reprint or fax print images. 


Using PrintOnImage - Step by Step

After the program has been installed, a virtual printer named PrintOnImage will appear in the system printer list.
  1. Open any Windows application (e.g. Microsoft Word) and create your document that needs printing. All the text and vector graphics (lines, arrows, curves, WordArt figures etc.) can be zoomed without a loss of printout quality.

  2. Under the File menu of the Windows application you are using, click Print and select PrintOnImage in the list of installed printers. Then click OK to start printing.

  3. Now, you should see the main PrintOnImage window with the preview of the created page.

  4. In the file formats Combobox, select an appropriate image file format to be saved. For all raster formats (other than metafiles) you can crop the area of an image to be saved. Select the area with the mouse on the preview screen, or use Selection buttons on the toolbar.

  5. Click on a Save button (with a floppy icon). In a Save Image dialog select the needed zoom and save a file to disk.

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