Export print image from any Windows application to the graphics file! Store, include into your documents, reprint or fax print images. 


Export print image to the graphics file

 Program description

Most Windows applications have printing capabilities, but just very few of them can export printout image to a graphics file.

PrintOnImage is a virtual printer that can work with a document made by any Windows application, crop and save it to the graphics file. Basically, it lets you to print right on the image file!

Using PrintOnImage you can catch a printout image and save it to disk in a number of graphical formats (*.bmp, *.jpg, *.emf, *.png, etc) to store, include into your documents, reprint or fax. And since PrintOnImage works as an extension to other programs, there's no complicated steps to learn. Just create your document with any program you like, and print it to PrintOnImage virtual printer, and save to disk!

To get a better understanding of the product, please download a free trial version.

 How it looks and works

Use any program (i.e. MS Word, WordPerfect, Corel Draw, Acrobat, AutoCAD, Web Browser etc.) to create or open a document and print it to the PrintOnImage virtual printer. Then easily crop and zoom the document and save it to disk!


 System Requirements

Operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/2003/XP and up
Required disk space: 370K

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